Charlotte Béraud created SAISONA in 2006. She wanted to introduce the first phytocosmetology brand that would care for women’s beauty throughout the seasons and in all climatic conditions. Inspired by nature, she obtained organic certification for the range.

In June 2011, SAISONA was acquired by the Vabel laboratory, which specialises in formulation development, production and customised packaging.

This gave the brand the opportunity to launch a development project that would also involve an extensive research programme.

  • Research on the theme of “Skin & Seasons”

In 2012, the brand called on the services of Philippe Humbert, head of the dermatology department at Besançon University Hospital (Franche-Comté region) and known, in particular, for his cosmetology research. SAISONA asked him to conduct a scientific study on the theme of “skin & seasons”.

Completed in spring 2012, this study shows how the climate and biological cycle related to the seasons affect the condition of the skin.

Drawing on these observations, the SAISONA brand developed a wide range of products designed to protect and enhance the skin’s beauty throughout the seasons, thanks to a precise diagnosis that goes beyond traditional segmentation by skin type (oily/combination/normal/dry).

  • Research into the cosmetic properties of stevia

At the heart of the SAISONA formulas lies a star ingredient: stevia.

Its exceptional skin-tightening action has been demonstrated by a series of in vitro studies, carried out by Professor Humbert’s research teams for the SAISONA brand.

Further to these studies, a patent application was filed with INPI (the French Patent Office).